Special Admission Students


Mendocino College admits a limited number of high school students who may then enroll in up to 11 units per semester. Special admit students are exempted from paying the enrollment fee (other fees still apply) and credits earned through these enrollments may be used to fulfill high school in addition to college certificate, transfer, or graduation requirements.

To be admitted, you must complete an Application for Admission as well as a Special Admission Application. The Special Admission Application must be approved by your school principal/designee and parent/guardian. 

The completed Special Admission Application can be submitted to the Office of Admissions & Records by fax (707-468-3430), scanned and emailed (webaccess@mendocino.edu), or can be hand-delivered to the Ukiah Campus, Lakeport Center, North County Center, or Coast Center.

The Office of Admissions and Records is here to assist you with admission and enrollment and to answer questions you may have regarding these processes. Please do not hesitate to contact us Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm and Friday, 8am-Noon at 707-468-3101 or webaccess@mendocino.edu.