What is Pomo Pathway?

Pomo Pathway is a two semester sequence of classes offered by Mendocino College at the Coyote Valley Education Center. This pathway ensures completion of transfer level English and Math courses within the student’s first year  and prepares them to pursue a degree.

What Support is Available to you?

Our Commitment to you:
• Free childcare (a meal for children included)
• Free breakfast
• Free textbooks
• Free calculators
• Free backpack
• Free school supplies
• Free tutoring
• Free academic & mental health counseling 
*Funded for 2019 through the collaboration of Mendocino College and Coyote Valley Tribe

Class Schedule

The Pathway meets Tuesdays thru Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Coyote Valley Education Center.

FALL 2019 CLASSES (August 19 - December 13)

9:10-10:20     ENG 200 Reading & Composition
10:30-11:20   ENG 65 Academic Literacy
11:30-12:50   English Lab


9:00-11:50 CCS 101 Career & Life Planning


MTH 178 - Applied Math
ENG 205 - Critical Thinking
COM 203 - Public Speaking

*For specific details on Degree Programs please schedule time to consult with a Counselor.


For more information about the Pomo Pathway Program and how to register:

Ulises Velasco, Vice President of Student Services 

Mendocino-Lake Community College 1000 Hensley Creek Rd., Ukiah, CA 95482 

office 707.467.1037

If you have questions about the Coyote Valley Education Center, please contact

TeMashio Anderson:
Education Director  educationdirector@coyotevalley-nsn.gov 707.467.4715

375 Coyote Valley Blvd. 
Redwood Valley, CA  95470 707.485.8723