CalWORKs is a welfare to work program involving cash aid and services to eligible needy California families. The program provides CalWORKs students academic, personal, career and employment-related assistance.  In additional to providing consistent educational planning and counseling, we also help students navigate the community college system and provide to other on and off-campus services such as financial aid, work-study, job placement services or child care services.  These opportunities combined with an array of high-quality support services that enable students to complete their educational goals, find meaningful employment, and successfully transition into the workforce.  Through collaboration and advocacy with our college and community partners, we prepare a segment of California’s workforce by promoting the economic self-sufficiency of CalWORKs students through the attainment of a higher education.  

Mendocino County Social Services

Lake County Social Services

For more information contact:

Rochelle Fink
CalWORKs/TANF Outreach Specialist
(707) 467-1034