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CLOSED December 16th - January 3rd. 
CLOSED January 17th: Mendocino College In-Service
CLOSED January 20th: Martin Luther King Day

OPEN January 6th - 16th
9AM - 5PM


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The Learning Center offers free academic support for students in a friendly and helpful setting.

  • Free Tutoring Services:  Drop in tutoring is available in math, English and a variety of other academic courses. Please check out the schedule posted in the Learning Center and online. TLC offers Online tutoring available through NetTutor- Go to your instructor’s Canvas page or the Learning Center’s webpage (www.mendocinio.edu/online-tutoring)
  • Learning Support Services: Math Lab 40A-D & 540 are held in the Learning Center.
  • Testing Services: Proctored testing services are available for students with approved accommodations from the Disability Resource Center. The Learning Center offers exam proctoring for other schools and programs.  This service is available for a fee. 
  • Math and English Placement Support: Placement information is available for students who have questions about the math and English placement process. Placement testing will be available for ESL students until fall 2020.

Spring 2020 hours:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8am - 5pm

8am - 7pm

8am - 3:30pm

The Learning Center will be closed Monday, November 11 in observance of Veterans Day. 

Coming Soon, Spring 2020,  Math and English Tutor and lab schedules are available on the "Tutor, Math and English Lab" page.

These Student Support Services are available to all Mendocino College students.

NetTutor, online tutoring is available on the "Online Tutoring" page.

For additional information contact: 

Student Success Director, Janet Daugherty
Email: jdaugherty@mendocino.edu
Phone:  707.468.3046
Fax: 707.467.1046

Located in the Library/Learning Center Building, Lower Level, Room 4110