About the MESA Leadership Council

The MESA Leadership Council is a group of Students, Faculty, and Staff all working towards the common goal of making MESA the best program it can be. Student leaders are chosen from our tutors and work on a variety of projects to engage with the community and support our center. Orientations, Workshops, Potlucks, Award Ceremonies – our student leadership does all this and more. If you are a student and are interested in joining the MESA Leadership Council, make sure to sign up to be a tutor with our center – Look for tutor applications in November and March of each year or view them now here.

MESA Faculty & Staff

MESA Director: Dr. Amanda Fox Xu

Dr. Amanda Fox XuDirector’s Message: “Welcome to MESA, STEM enthusiasts! As a previous MESA coordinator at American River College and Immunology doctoral student at UC Davis I am so excited to continue supporting MESA at Mendocino College. The true secret to MESA’s successes is its community of scholars. If you are interested in mathematics, physical sciences, biological sciences, earth sciences, engineering, computer science,… then let MESA become your Mendocino College academic home. I am confident that the MESA family can provide you with great services and programs to benefit you both academically and professionally. If you ever have any questions, I am here to help!”

MESA Administrator: Professor Machiko Shimada

Machiko ShimadaAdministrator’s Message: “Hello and welcome!  I am here to support you at the front desk and beyond…. Please stop by and see who we are and what we do here at MESA; home for the inspiring, diligent students who are always solving Math problems and having fun at the same time. It could happen to you, too! Even If you do not major in a STEM degree, you might find it interesting to peruse. I graduated from Mendocino College and Sonoma State. Throughout my education, I worked at MESA and The Learning Center. I am an adjunct faculty of Mathematics teaching at Ukiah and Lake Center.”


Tutor introductions to be updated shortly  . . .